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Experience the new world of a lifestyle membership program that caters for your current and future needs; a program that goes beyond ordinary needs and expectations which shall continuously evolve to meet the changes in the way we live...but most importantly the way you want to live. The vast variety of services offered under ClubMV will certainly mean a wide variety of benefits; including many unique and exclusive benefits which are distinctively the flagship of ClubMV.

As a lifestyle membership program ClubMV’s offerings range from everyday products & services, travel, property, business networking and beauty to high value healthcare services ...all made available with special members privileges.ClubMV’s programme do not just give you access to quality service, but it is also designed to reward our valuable member customers with special benefits, exclusive privileges and personal recognition. HOW do we make all this possible..... is through strong collaboration with our partner-providers. And unlike any other club membership, you only need to pay for what you need and at prices below market rates.

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